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Bishop James Hannington was the first Anglican bishop of East Africa born on 3rd September 1847 at Hurstpier point in Sussex, England and came to serve as missionary in Eastern Equatorial Africa. As he was travelling towards Uganda on Lake Victoria, he was apprehended by emissaries of King Mwanga led by the Busoga’s chef Luba.

Activities at Bishop Hannington Shrine

There are a number of activities in place to promote religious tourism with already well established accommodation facilities, water and electricity that the public should be more interested in visiting than just hearing about the place

Death Point

This is where Bishop Hannington was killed.

Torture Stone

Bishop Hannington was asked to climb a ‘torture’ stone which had an algae. 

Bed Room

This was a cave where Bishop Hannington slept. No rain drop could reach him in the caves. 


Library spot is stone caved spot where Bishop Hannington used to read books/bible from.

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